Laura Colmenares Guerra

Laura Colmenares Guerra is a Colombian/Spanish visual artist based in Brussels. In 2002 she obtained a Masters degree in Audiovisual Media at Los Andes University in Bogota and in 2008 a Postgraduate Master in Transmedia Studies, Brussels. In 2000 she started her career working as a VJ while developing both visual pieces and audiovisual immersive installations. Her creation is related to the practice of performance art; regardless of whether it is herself or the audience that intervene in it. Either way, she creates an atmosphere that leads the visitor to be involved in and with the artwork.

Over the past decade Laura has made a career out of developing personal and collaborative projects in the field of media art. Her work has been recently presented in Beirut-Lebanon, for the festival CreaNumerica under the frame of “Les Jeux de la Francophonie, 2009”. In June 2009 in the Arts Center of Enghien-Les-Bains, for the festival: Les Bains Numériques #4, with the project “Percept”, a collaboration with Jacques Urbanska and Thomas Israel.

Laura was been commissioned to produce video works for The Flanders Fields Museum in Iper-Belgium, by the Natural Science Museum in Brussels and by the Brussels Parliament for its 20th anniversary, between others.

She was granted by the Vlaamse Overheid (Flemish Government of Belgium) in 2008 for the project “Lungs [the breather]”, and recently granted by the French Community of Belgium for the project “Unstable Territories”, which was in residency at Imal, Brussels, under the frame of the “Plate-forme Virage” research project.

Todor Todoroff

Born in 1963, Todor Todoroff is a Telecom Engineer. He received a First Prize and a Diplôme Supérieur in Electroacoustic Composition at the Royal Conservatories of Music in Brussels and in Mons.

He is co-founder and president of ARTeM (Art, Research, Technology & Music) and FeBeME (Belgian Federation for Electroacoustic Music) and researcher at the Faculté Polythechnique in Mons.

His electroacoustic music shows a special interest for multiphony and sound spatialisation as well as for research into new forms of sound transformation. He composes music for concert, film, video, dance, theatre, and sound installation. His collaboration with the Belgian choreographer Michèle Noiret started in 1998 on the show ‹ En Jeu ›. Since then he composed the music and developed interactive systems for In Between (2000), Twelve Seasons (2001), Mes Jours et mes Nuits (2002), Sait-on Jamais? (2003), Territoires Intimes (2004), Les familiers du Labyrinthe (2005, Paris Opera) and Chambre Blanche (2006, in collaboration with Stevie Wishart), De deux points de vue (Luxemburg 2007, European Culture Town).

He collaborated with Marie-Jo Lafontaine on the video Des Ombres (2004) and on the sound installations Wer, wenn ich schriee, hörte mich denn aus der Engel Ordnungen (1996) and The world starts every minute (2007).

Besides pure acousmatic music, he is currently developing new tools for live sound generation and transformation in preparation for live concerts using the latest sensors technologies and the increased computer power. Those tools were used for a concert in Reykjavik, Iceland, in May 2007 and concerts in Karslruhe, Munich and Budapest in Septembre 2007, part of a commission from ZKM (Zentrum für Kunst und Medientechnologie) in Germany for the Bipolar Project.

Prize of the Audience at the International Noroit Competition (France, 91), finalist at the International Luigi Russolo Competition (Italy, 1992 ), the I. Concorso Internacional de Musica Eletroacustica de Sao Paulo (Brazil, 1995) and Musica Nova (Czekia, 2000) and Mention at the International Bourges Competitions (France, 2002 and 2005), Prize at the International Bourges Competition (2007).

Yacine Sebti

Yacine Sebti was born in Brussels , on the 22nd of march 1979, Yacine has had his baccalaureate at the Lycée Français of Casablanca in 1997. He has been a student in different Brussels based schools, at the ICHEC and the ERG, learning video and film practice and history. As a student or as a collaborator he continuously participates in workshops around softwares like Max/MSP, Jitter or SoftVNS, given by Telcosystems (NL), David Rokeby 5CA), Jasch (CH), etc ...

Yacine was in high school when he first got interested in programming pocket calculators, first as a way of creating useful tools, but also as the projection of an idea inside a machine. For a long time he used random functions as to generate automatic music in different environments like the language of the Hewlett Packard 48gx pocket calculator, and after that starting with computer programing using Mathematica, Director and finally Max/MSP/Jitter. This specific software has very extended possibilities concerning interactive ideas, which brought Yacine to replacing the "random idea" by the influence of the public's actions onto the production and programming of software.

Yacine is now mainly interested in the creation of environments where the visitor is pushed to a reflection on his relation with his own image, with the "other", with time and on technology.

Yacine has his own installations but collaborates on a regular bases with different artists, as for example experimental filmmaker Pascal Baes, musician-sculpturer Frédérique Marbaix, or video maker Tom Heene. He often works with Yves Bernard, founder of the Brussels based media workspace iMAL.